/// in need of more green buildings

Many of the buildings that we live, work and entertain in are not sustainable, they do not have what it takes to be called green, they where not conceptualized that way. For future builidings is a designers task to find ways of diminishing the use and consumption of energy, make smarter buildings with better materials and systems. But don't leave this only to the designers it is a task that transcends political and social boundaries, it is looking at the greater picture.

For a single dweller living in a smart house or driving a hybrid car will not solve the environmental problems, is more than building eco-friendly dwellings, communities, towns or cities. The end users and the public authorities accordingly have to be educated to understand the systems, where living green doesn't mean that the quality of life has to decrease.

Cities like Chicago have taken the initiative enforcing the use of efficient, smart, green design into all the public funded work being produced. Individual developers try to go away of using green technologies due to the added up-front building cost that it has, but this a misconception if you think of the overall cost of the structure per se, the construction materials and labor required it is a small amount compared to the costs of maintaining that building throughout its lifetime.

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