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No one could ever understand how political/business affairs work. Despise of all the effort from the City and Miami's Downtown Development authorities and their urge to revamp Miami's Downtown with a new logo that promotes the upcoming buildings, shops restaurants and a nice livable town, proposals as having a big suburb shop, aka Wal-mart, disrupt the area should be out of the question. People really do not understand the impact of having this Mega-Superstore with cheap prices around the corner.
Economically it does bring new jobs to the area but it affects the nearby retail trade, it has been seen that more than half of businesses of a small town close down after a Wal-mart is open near their premises. Also Wal-mart has several law-suits against them for the mistreat of employees with paid low-wages and poor working conditions.
Urbanistically it affects the urban scene were this boxed-inward all-in-one store may be located upcoming shops and restaurants may had provided a ├╝ber chic scenery, immediately walkability is deprived. I do understand that a Wal-mart works in a rural/suburban areas, I mean they are part of sprawl, but would you really want to support this type of business urge?

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