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I talked to my friend Cinthya this afternoon she studies Law, while being in her last semester and after a trip to India she is undecided of becoming a lawyer or not. She would like something more. After 6+ years studying I asked her why she wants to do this radical change she replied:

"While I was in India this summer and coming from a Socioeconomic background... We go preaching development ... but at the end of the day... the so called development we bring is not sustainable we create more chaos and inequality...I get home sad, I have seen a reality that I was blinded to see."

I explained to her that she didn't really wanted to be an architect she wants to be an urbanist. Being an urbanist is much more than making houses or buildings. An urbanist intertwines every space of the public realm with what is private creating a pleasant living to the urbanites of a town not only one city dweller.

I gave her some pointers of stuff to read of New Urbanism and Civilization.

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