/// suburbanite in the city 2: Part II - I.M. Pei

"I believe that architecture is a pragmatic art.
To become art it must be built on a foundation of necessity."
— I.M. Pei
The John Hancock building by Pei is one of the first minimalist skyscraper in the 70's. This 60 stories tower was envisioned as a transparent structure that would not disrupt it surroundings. The building architecturally achieves successfully the design idea but it is not what is known for. Structurally it was a failure from the foundation to the 4'x11' glass spandrels that kept falling off, it was also called "The Plywood Palace" as a homage to the patch work that it had to endure.
Being Boston home of Pei's firm other buildings can be found the Christian Science Headquarters (pictured above), the Government Center Master Plan, The Green Building at MIT and several other projects.

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