/// the courtyard bloc

A courtyard is a space surrounded by walls or buildings housed within a complex or building, forming an interior patio that brings air and light, relates public and private spaces, binding the interior with the exterior.

Through out history the courtyard type have been used by many cultures. It has been used for gardening, working, playing, cooking, but not exclusively to service duties, the basic pattern of a courtyard was also used on temples, palaces and governmental buildings.

In China, the Siheyuan, the traditional Beijing quadrangle consisted of four residential houses or buildings arranged around a square. It is said that the pattern for the Siheyuan is the basic model for the courtyard type.

Today the courtyard bloc is a good way of responding to the suburb needs it provides density, privacy and safe areas for neighbors to interact. The modern courtyard is not a completely private space, is a semi-public space shared between the dwellers of a small community.

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