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Since I was a little girl I have always liked to be in charge, from a very young age I helped my mother keep the house in order and overlook the kitchen affairs. I bring this up because I have an innate desire to "take over".

There are individuals that have self claimed certain pieces of land forming independent entities usually not recognized by formal known countries, with their own flag, coats of arms, currency and even their own websites. Should these mini-countries really be called countries.

The principality of Sealand is a World War II Maunsell Sea Fort of the South shores of England, and it is the worlds best known micronation. It was established by an Englishmen and his family and has a population of 27 people.

The 14.3 acres Republic of Molossia is located near Dayton, Nevada and its population is a family of four.

Having your own nation might be a whimsical caprice of an eccentric mogul, but I still wonder how can I get my own.

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