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The big blackout that occurred today in Miami and some other areas of the State of Florida, made me rethink the idea of the buildings ventilation design in this city. For example the building code for Florida does not require that certain areas of a building have the need of natural ventilation, they do have requirements for all living spaces to have a percentage of natural light but not ventilation as long as there is a means of venting you are good to go, this makes almost every building in South Florida (and most of the states) to rely on mechanical air recirculation, the air conditioning. I am an architect trained in the Caribbean in Santo Domingo having an a/c is a luxury that not everyone can afford, therefore all building (or at least most of them) need to have natural ventilation. South Florida can definitely benefit from having such rule once more added to its code, I mean the climate is beautiful down here and I bet it would be more pleasant to breathe real air, environmentally more energy could be saved and quality of life improved.

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